Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ginger Baker - Falling Off The Roof

Bill Frisell - Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric)
Béla Fleck - Banjo, Guest Appearance
Charlie Haden - Bass
Ginger Baker - Drums, Producer, Mixing
Jerry Hahn - Guitar (Electric)


Friday, May 21, 2010

ejigayehu “gigi” shibabaw - vocals
bill laswell - bass, guitar, keyboards, production
karsh kale - drums, tabla, keyboards
hamid drake, mikias abebayehu - drums, percussion
abdou m'boup, aiyb dieng, melaku gelaw, setegne satenaw - percussion
david gilmore, nicky skopelitis, zakki jewad - guitar
abegasu shiota, amina claudine myers, dereje mekonnen et même herbie hancock qui a vu de la lumière - keyboards
henry threadgill, pharoah sanders, wayne shorter - sax
tony cedras - accordion
thomas gobena - bass
mark taylor - french horn
art baron - trombone
abonesh adenew, dawit melesse, hebest tirunehe, imani uzuri, mizanekristos yohannes, tigist shibabaw - backing vocals

1. Gud Fella (5:35)
2. Mengedegna (5:33)
3. Tew Ante Sew (4:20)
4. Abay (5:18)
5. Bale Washintu (5:35)
6. Guramayle (4:27)
7. Sew Argen (5:16)
8. Aynama (5:05)
9. Kahn (3:47)
10. Zomaye (4:00)
11. Abet Wubet (4:07)
12. Nafeken (5:23)
13. Adwa (5:02)


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CODONA - Live in Hamburg 1978

1.Like That of Sky 25.20
2.Codona Moondog 17.18
3.New Light 17.01
4.Mumakata / Africadeus 28.34
5.Race Face (Ornette Coleman) 07.51
6.Mumakata 05.41

Don Cherry - trumpet, flutes, douss’n-gouni
Collin Walcott - percussion and sitar
Nana Vasconcelos - percussion and vocals


Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahmed Abdul Malik - East Meets West (1960)

A brilliant mix of jazz and world music! Abdul-Malik was the legendary bass player from the fifties who mixed straight jazz playing with traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and although he most famously recorded albums with Monk as a regular bassist, his albums on his own are amazing blends of jazz and world music, done years before anyone else had contemplated doing so! This album is similar to Abdul-Malik's Jazz Sahara album, in which he plays quite a bit on the Oud -- but in this one the ensemble is much more jazz-oriented, and features Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson, and Johnny Griffin. The Oud holds center stage on most tracks, but then it drops out, and Morgan and Griffin come wailing in on solos that will rip your socks off! :)))

Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass, oud) featuring Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson and Johnny Griffin

1.The Night
2.Don't Cry
6.The Soul
7.The Fugue
8.The Jungle


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peter Kowald With Floros Floridis & Ilias Papadopoulos - PYRICHIA

1. Movement I: Orphic- 12:56
2. Movement II: Deep Footprints- 8:17
3. Movement III: Mountains- 13:27
4. Movement IV: Magic Kite- 10:01
5. Movement V: Strange Friends- 9:30

Bass- Peter Kowald
Bass (Upright)- Peter Kowald
Clarinet- Floros Floridis
Flute- Floros Floridis
Lyre- Ilias Papadopoulos


Prince Lasha & Sonny Simmons - Firebirds 1968

1. The Island Song- 8:47
2. Psalm Of Solomon- 10:45
3. Prelude To Bird- 3:53
4. The Loved Ones- 5:21
5. Firebirds- 10:05

Bass - Buster Williams
Drums - Charles Moffett
Flute, Clarinet [Alto] - Prince Lasha
Mastered By - Bernie Grundman
Photography - Ed Michel
Producer - Lester Koenig
Saxophone [Alto] English Horn - Sonny Simmons
Vibraphone - Bobby Hutcherson


Monday, May 10, 2010


Flora Purim and Airto open up nicely in this live setting - getting help from a Fourth World ensemble that also features Jose Neto on guitar, Gary Meek on saxes and flute, and Diana Moreira on a bit of backing vocals! There's a bit less polish here than some of the studio sets by the Fourth World group from the 90s - a nice change that almost gets Airto back to his roots, and which makes Flora's vocals sound even more personal and lovely than ever.

1. Fourth world
(José Neto, Gary Meek, Airto Moreira)
2. São Felipe
(José Neto)
3. Lua Flora
(José Neto, Flora Purim)
4. Time one
(Gary Meek)
5. Step seven
(José Neto)
6. Rainha da noite
(Judith de Souza, Filó Machado)
7. Sea horse
(José Neto)
8. África
(Diana Moreira, José Neto, Flora Purim)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Avram Fefer - Ritual 2009

2.Shepp in Wolves’ Clothing
4.Feb. 13th
5.Blinky Palermo
6.Club Foot
9.When the Spirit Moves You

Avram Fefer (alto, tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet); Eric Revis (bass); Chad Taylor (drums)


Avram Fefer - Kindred Spirits 2005

1.Ask Me Now
2.Light Blue
3.Reincarnation of a Lovebird
4.Come Sunday
6.Friday the 13th
7.Orange Was the Color of Her Dress Then Blue Silk
8.Heavenly Places
9.Kingdom Come
10.Kingdom Come, Part 2

Avram Fefer (tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet); Bobby Few (piano)