Monday, September 27, 2010

Steve Coleman - Genesis

1. Day One
2. Day Two
3. Day Three
4. Day Four
5. Day Five
6. Day Six
7. Day Seven
8. Awareness

Saxophones: Steve Coleman (as), Greg Osby (as), Ravi Coltrane (ts & ss), Aaron Stewart (ts), Yosvany Terry Cabrera (ts) and Greg Tardy (ts)
Trumpet: Ralph Alessi, Shane Endsley and Nbate Isles
Trombone: George Lewis, Tim Albright, Josh Roseman, André Atkins and Jamal Haynes
Guitar: David Gilmore (on Day One and Day Two only)
Piano: Andy Milne (except on "Day Seven")
Keyboards: Vijay Iyer (piano on "Day Seven")
Bass: Kenny Davis and Regg Washington
Drums: Sean Rickman and Gene Lake (on Day Four and Day Six only)
Percussion: Luis Cancino Morales (bata: Itótèlée and congas), Ramón García Pérez (bata: Ìyá and congas), Josh Jones (bata: Okonkolò), Miguel "Anga" Diaz Zayas (congas) and Barbaro Ramos Adazabar (clave)
Strings: Elektra Kurtis-Stewart and Marlene Rice (violin), Judith Insell (viola) and Nioka Workman (cello)



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

McCoy Tyner-Guitars 2008

Track Listing:
Improvisation 2; Passion Dance; 500 Miles; Mr. P.C.; Blues On The Corner; Improvisation 1; Trade Winds; Amberjack; My Favorite Things; Slapback Blues; Greensleeves; Contemplation; Boubacar; Baba Drame.

McCoy Tyner: piano; Ron Carter: bass; Jack DeJohnette: drums; Marc Ribot: guitar (1, 2, 3, 6); John Scofield: guitar (4, 5); Bela Fleck: banjo (7, 8, 9); Derek Trucks: guitar (10, 11); Bill Frisell: guitar (12, 13, 14)


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