Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Darrell Grant - Twilight Stories (1998)

1. Afrique-Ville (D. Grant) (4:47)
2. Yvette (C. Brooks III) (6:02)
3. When You Dance That Way (D. Grant) (6:39 5. My Old Flame (A. Johnston - S. Coslow) (6:14)
6. I Thought About You (J. van Heusen - J. Mercer) (5:22)
7. The Resumption (J. Teepe) (5:51)
8. Wake up Call (At Sister Maya's House) (D. Grant) (6:30)
9. Arise (D. Braden) (7:03)
10. Please Send Me Someone to Love (P. Mayfield) (5:11)

Don Braden (tenor saxophone)
Darrell Grant (piano)
Joris Teepe (bass)
Cecil Brooks III (drums)

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Bai 5ko said...

Marajazz said...

Nice album.
Somehow Grant is not as known as he should be.
Thank you very much for sharing it.

Uri said...

A very fine album.
Grant and Braden are two gifted musicians who deserve wider recognition.
Thanks for the share.

tom said...

Thanx, Bai 5ko, for this promising 32 Jazz outing by Darrell Grant.

peer57 said...

Joris Teepe is one of the finest bassists i know...He is Dutch, but lives in America...Thanks for this share!

grumpy said...

Grant is a new name to me but I am an admirer of Braden. Many thanks and link still live!