Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Andy Bey-Ain't Necessarily So (1997)

recorded May 13-15, 1997 at Birdland in New York City

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Nathan Davis - Happy Girl (1965)

The Flute In The Blues
Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most
Happy Girl
Them From Zolten
Along Came Byrd
Mister E

Woody Shaw (trumpet)
Nathan Davis (flute,alt saxophone,tenor saxophone)
Larry Young (piano)
Jimmy Woods (bass)
Billy Brooks (drums)

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Woody Shaw - Blackstone Legacy (1970)

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BOZILO Live (Bojan Z, Karim Ziad, Julien Loureau) - 2008

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Aldo Romano - Ritual (1988)


Rosario Giuliani - Lennie's Pennies (2010)

1. Lennie’s Pennies
2. Love Letters
3. How Deep Is the Ocean
4. 74 Miles Away
5. Picchi
6. Over Lines
7. Dear Father
8. The Peacocks
9. Un Des Sens
10. Goldfish
11. Patience

Rosario Giuliani – alto saxophone; Pierre de Bethmann – piano, Fender Rhodes; Darryl Hall – double bass; Joe La Barbera – drums