Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dollar Brand - African Space Program

Bass - Cecil McBee
Flute, Saxophone [Alto] - Carlos Ward , Sonny Fortune
Harmonium, Saxophone [Tenor] - Roland Alexander
Percussion - Roy Brooks
Producer - Horst Weber , Matthias Winckelmann
Saxophone [Baritone] - Hamiet Bluiett
Saxophone [Tenor] - John Stubblefield
Trombone - Kiani Zawadi
Trumpet - Cecil Bridgewater , Charles Sullivan , Enrico Rava

1.Tintiyana, First Part 6:58
2.Tintiyana, Second Part 13:00
3.Jabulani - Easter Joy 22:48



Siddiq Khan said...

NO WAY! Sweet Shiva I've been looking for this album, searching and scrounging now for years! Thank you so much! Plus, you put it up on mediafire. A1 comrade. If you are missing a duo between dollar brand and jonny dyani called "Echo's from africa" just ask and I'll try get it to you. I don't have fast internet but maybe I can send it to you by post or something

Bai 5ko said...

Dear, Siddiq! I'm verry glad that i was give you a joy :). Thanks for the offering, but i have this album. It's worth much. I'll be verry happy if you continue to follow my blog.
Enjoy the music!

Best regards

Petko Georgiev

Bai 5ko said...

There is have no viruses. Your antivirus software identify a rar archive like a virus, maybe. You don't need a pass to unarchive this file.

Kopie said...

Very happy to find this...

However, track 1 (tintiyana, first part.mp3) has a "CRC failed" error.

Would you consider re-upping?

Thanks in advance.

Slidewell said...

I'm also getting an error (corrupt) for the first song. A re-up would be greatly appreciated.
thanks for sharing all the great music.

Slidewell said...

Oh man, sorry! Despite the error message, the first track did come through OK. Thanks for this rare Dollar Brand!

miloo2 said...

mine download has error in 1st track too - ends playing at 4.03... re-up would be really welcome

Rick said...

I'm unable to extract Track - on my Mac, using Zipeg, or Stuffit Expander. Pity, b/c I love Tintiyana.