Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peter Brötzmann, Fred Hopkins & Rashied Ali - Songlines: Music Is a Memory Bank for Finding One's Way About the World (1994)

1. No Messages
2. Old Man Kangaroo
3. Man in a Vacuum
4. ...It Is Solved by Walking
5. Songlines
6. Two Birds in a Feather


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SlimStew said...

thank you--been hearing about Brotzmann for years but never heard him. Couple of my favorites on bass and drums--thanks for this opportunity to hear them.

paul w. said...

hi there, a very good album, but on the other hand most of brotzmann albums are great, no matter if they are from 1968 or 2012... very good post. i have this record for years now (on CD) and like it very much.

best regards.

paul w.