Monday, May 17, 2010

Ahmed Abdul Malik - East Meets West (1960)

A brilliant mix of jazz and world music! Abdul-Malik was the legendary bass player from the fifties who mixed straight jazz playing with traditional Middle Eastern rhythms and although he most famously recorded albums with Monk as a regular bassist, his albums on his own are amazing blends of jazz and world music, done years before anyone else had contemplated doing so! This album is similar to Abdul-Malik's Jazz Sahara album, in which he plays quite a bit on the Oud -- but in this one the ensemble is much more jazz-oriented, and features Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson, and Johnny Griffin. The Oud holds center stage on most tracks, but then it drops out, and Morgan and Griffin come wailing in on solos that will rip your socks off! :)))

Ahmed Abdul-Malik (bass, oud) featuring Lee Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Benny Golson and Johnny Griffin

1.The Night
2.Don't Cry
6.The Soul
7.The Fugue
8.The Jungle


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Dimitar said...

Тханк Ю,Бай Петко,мног ме зарадва....Тромпета кърти..