Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peter Kowald With Floros Floridis & Ilias Papadopoulos - PYRICHIA

1. Movement I: Orphic- 12:56
2. Movement II: Deep Footprints- 8:17
3. Movement III: Mountains- 13:27
4. Movement IV: Magic Kite- 10:01
5. Movement V: Strange Friends- 9:30

Bass- Peter Kowald
Bass (Upright)- Peter Kowald
Clarinet- Floros Floridis
Flute- Floros Floridis
Lyre- Ilias Papadopoulos



Arcturus said...

a friend directed me to this post, knowing I was intersted in hearing it - it sure lives up to expectations - what a fantastic, exciting recording! thanks so much for making this rarity available

Reimer said...

Thanks for posting this hard-to-find item. Greek-prov!!

wightdj said...

Very nice to find this rare item. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Greece.
Thank you so much for this outstanding album.
I love it !!!