Friday, October 22, 2010

Mal Waldron - The Quest

1.Status Seeking-8:52
4.We Diddit-4:23
5.Warm Canto-5:37
6.Warp And Woof-5:36
7.Fire Waltz-7:58

Bass - Joe Benjamin
Cello - Ron Carter
Drums - Charles Persip
Piano - Mal Waldron
Saxophone [Alto], Clarinet [Bass] - Eric Dolphy
Saxophone [Tenor] - Booker Ervin



one foot sammy said...

Thank you! This is an incredible album! Booker Ervin and Eric Dolphy are amazing playing that inside/outside line perfectly! Mal is, as always, his understated moody best. The Cello and Bass add an added complexty. THe 1st track always reminds me of the twilight zone theme.

Baron said...

Thank you ... Baron

Anonymous said...

Fantastic amigo, muchas gracias!!!

rintesh said...

Thanks for sharing this lovely music. I once had this vinyl a long long time ago. This post brought back the memories of the good times I had listening to this rare gem!

gonzo said...

would it be possible to repost the link?