Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rava/ Vitous/ D'Andrea/ Humair - Quatre (1989)

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Bai, this lineup might be useful to some of your followers:

E.Rava; F.D'Andrea; M.Vitous; D.Humair: Quatre - Gala Records 1989
Enrico Rava: tromba , flicorno, Franco D'Andrea: pianoforte, Miroslav Vitous: contrabbasso, Daniel Humair: batteria
*01.- Versace (7:59)
*02.- F.Express (8:26)
*03.- Smal Events (1:30)
*04.- Autoscontri (5:33)
*05.- Merano (8:03)
*06.- Flee Jazz (6:53)
*07.- Quatre (9:33)
*08.- Two On Quatre (2:33)

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