Sunday, July 29, 2012

Billy Hart - All Our Reasons (2012)

Mark Turner-tenor saxophone
Ben Street-double bass
Ethan Iverson-piano
Billy Hart-drums

1.Song For Balkis
3.Tolli’s Dance
4.Nostalgia For The Impossible
8.Old Wood
9.Imke’s March

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Paolo Fresu - Birth of the Cool - 2012 - Musica Jazz CD

John Abercrombie - Within a Song - 2012

Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone)
John Abercrombie (Guitar)
Drew Gress (Double-Bass)
Joey Baron (Drums)

1.Where Are You
2.Easy Reader
3.Within A Song / Without A Song
4.Flamenco Sketches
5.Nick Of Time
6.Blues Connotation
7.Wise One
9.Sometime Ago


Bill frisell - Floratone II (2012)


Bill Frisell: guitars
Matt Chamberlain: drums, percussion
Tucker Martine: production
Lee Townsend: production

Special Guests

Ron Miles: trumpet
Eyvind Kang: viola
Jon Brion: keyboards
Mike Elizondo: bass

Tracks List

01. The Bloom Is On (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-04:37
02. More Pluck (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)- 03:27
03. Snake, Rattle (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-03:27
04. Parade (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-03:18
05. Not Over Ever (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-01:01
06. Move (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-03:00
07. Do You Have It? (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-04:04
08. The Time, The Place (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-02:23
09. No Turn Back (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-04:01
10. The Time, The Place [pt. 2] (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-02:02
11. Gimme Some (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-02:45
12. Grin And Bite (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-01:03
13. Stand By This (Chamberlain, Frisell, Martine, Townsend)-02:53