Saturday, July 28, 2012

John Abercrombie - Within a Song - 2012

Joe Lovano (Tenor Saxophone)
John Abercrombie (Guitar)
Drew Gress (Double-Bass)
Joey Baron (Drums)

1.Where Are You
2.Easy Reader
3.Within A Song / Without A Song
4.Flamenco Sketches
5.Nick Of Time
6.Blues Connotation
7.Wise One
9.Sometime Ago



rintesh said...


Guelda said...

A very "ECM" album :)

Nice laid back phrasing from Abercrombie as one can expect, and very personal interaction when comping. Lovano is not my favorite sax player but he certainly is very capable.

I didn't know the theme "Blues Connotation" from Ornette Coleman but I dig it ! Nice solo from Abercrombie.

Thank you very much for sharing this one !